eddyczech s.r.o. is a family company established in 2016.

NDT, NDE service & support

NDT service and support in non-destructive testing (NDT) by electromagnetic methods and ultrasound:

  • Eddy Current Testing (ECT), Eddy Current Array (ECA), Pulse Eddy Current (PEC), Remote-Field Eddy Current (RFEC)
  • Eddy current testing of composite materials
  • Teardown analysis, determination of Probability of Detection (POD), implementation of new testing techniques
  • Training and consulting activities for all levels of certification (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3) according to EN 4179 / NAS 410 and ISO 9712
  • Responsible Level 3 activity and supervision
  • Ultrasonic testing – Testing of composite materials, remain thickness measurement
  • More than 15 years of experience in non-destructive testing of aircraft and other structures
  • Modern defect flaw devices and software

Programming of industrial devices and robotic systems:

The activity is primarily focused on the programming of industrial devices from a single-purpose to the automation of entire production line.

  • Programming of robotic systems and 3-axis systems for the aerospace industry
  • Machines working in the metalworking, woodworking, food, rubber and chemical industries
  • Line systems for stone quarry, ecological waste treatment and the cement factory

The eddy current and ultrasonic testing Level 3 certified personnel according to ISO 9712, EN 4179 / NAS 410.

The qualified personnel based on training including the software such as SIEMENS, ABB, B&R and KUKA robotics.